Lido Isle


Lido Isle, California
Detail Oriented

Project Overview

This project was a major renovation of a house located on Lido Isle in Newport Beach, California. The scope of work included the removal of an existing interior wall in the first-level kitchen, dining, and living area to create a new great room. The wall removal required careful planning and execution to ensure structural stability and safety.

New bi-fold doors were added to both the first and second levels of the house, providing beautiful views of the water of Newport Bay. The installation of the doors required precise measurements and expertise to ensure a proper fit and secure installation.

The outdoor living space was enhanced by replacing the existing concrete patio and adding a cantilever over the existing seawall. Additionally, the existing slab was removed and replaced with a new slab and footing to mitigate liquefaction risk. The replacement of the slab and footing required careful excavation and placement of reinforcing steel and concrete.

All windows in the house were replaced, providing improved energy efficiency and a fresh look. The exterior of the house was updated with new smooth stucco and stone accents, giving the house a modern and updated appearance.

The successful completion of this renovation required careful coordination and execution by a skilled team of contractors and professionals. The result was a more open and inviting living space, improved durability and safety, and a beautiful new look for the house on Lido Isle in Newport Beach.

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